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PolyConf is a three-day, single track, multi-disciplinary conference on advanced technologies
for programmers interested in polyglot approach to software development.

3 days
40 talks
6 workshops
400 attendees
3 parties
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Open until March, 28th


#polyconf was a best conference I've attended for a long, long time. Definitely plan to get back next year. :)

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PolyConf is not focused on any particular language or area of technology.
Our mission is to promote polyglot approach to software development
and foster cross-pollination between various technologies
and their communities.


    Jessica Kerr

    Developer at Outpace Systems

    Jessica Kerr writes Clojure and Scala. Her fascinations include property-based testing and the sociological underpinnings of software. She codes remotely for Outpace, blogs, and teaches two daughters how to keep the spirit of the rule while breaking it. Her home in St. Louis, Missouri has five computers and no pets, unless ladybug larvae count as pets.

    • Java
    • Clojure
    • Scala

    Bodil Stokke

    Functional Programming Hipster

    Bodil is a a bishop of the Greater London diocese of the Church of Emacs, and a compulsive conference speaker in the fields of functional programming and internets technologies, and is a co-organiser of multiple developer conferences in Scandinavia and the UK, mostly because she’s still learning how to stop. Her favourite pony is Pinkie Pie.

    • JavaScript
    • Clojure

    Leah Hanson

    Software Engineer at Google

    Leah is currently a software engineer at Google. She spent the Spring of 2013 at Hacker School, where she started learning Julia and wrote the Websockets.jl package. Since then, she has spoken about Julia at several conferences, including Strange Loop, Strata NYC, and YOW!.

    • Julia
    • C/C++

    Daniel Holden

    Author of Cello programming library

    Daniel Holden is a PhD student at Edinburgh University doing research into machine learning, and data driven approaches to character animation. He is a prolific C hacker with a flair for creative and interesting projects, that have gathered considerable attention in the open source community. As well as hacking on C, he enjoys writing short stories, constructing digital art, and game development.

    • Python
    • C/C++

    Christine Corbett Moran

    Dev at Open WhisperSystems, Postdoctoral Researcher at Caltech

    PhD in Theoretical Astrophysics at the University of Zurich. A postdoc in Theoretical Physics at Caltech. I do research in computational astrophysics, high performance computing, and big data visualization. Prior to that I've worked at SpaceX, BBN Technologies, MIT CSAIL, MIT Media Lab, Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs Site), FAST Search and Transfer, UP Diliman, MIT, JHU, and MIT MEET as a software engineer, research scientist, or lecturer/professor. Physics and Computer Science (double major) and Mathematics and Philosophy (double minor) at MIT and obtained a Master's degree in Astrophysics from UZH. In my free time, I do a lot of open source and mobile application development oriented around technical activism, gender based violence and social justice. I am the co-lead of the iOS team at Open WhisperSystems, and technical lead on the Circle of 6 and Encyclopedia apps.

    • Java
    • Python
    • C/C++
    • Objective C

    Stefan Karpinski

    Julia co-creator

    Stefan Karpinski is a co-creator of the Julia programming language – a next-generation language for numerical and scientific computing. He is also a co-founder of Julia Computing LLC (which provides professional consulting, training and support for Julia), and has previously worked as a data scientist, research scientist, and software engineer at Etsy, Citrix Online, and Akamai.

    • C/C++
    • Julia

    Amir Chaudhry

    PM at Cambridge Computer Laboratory

    Amir is Programme Manager in the OCaml Labs group at the Cambridge Computer Laboratory, where he's is responsible for co-ordinating efforts towards the OCaml Platform. Amir's also Community Manager for the rapidly growing MirageOS project, where he's overseen two major releases and spread knowledge about unikernels and building safer systems. Amir's industrial experience extends from early-stage startups to blue chip multi-nationals and ranges from product management to finance.

    • OCaml

    Robert Virding

    Co-Inventor of Erlang, Principal Language Expert

    • Erlang

    William Byrd

    Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Utah

    William E. Byrd is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the U Combinator research group at the University of Utah. He is co-author of The Reasoned Schemer, and co-designer of several declarative languages: miniKanren (logic programming), Harlan (GPU programming), and Kanor (cluster programming). His StarCraft 2 handle is 'Rojex' (character code 715).

    • Racket

    Sam Tobin-Hochstadt

    Professor at Indiana University

    Sam is an Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. He has worked on dynamic languages, type systems, module systems, and metaprogramming, including creating the Typed Racket system and popularizing the phrase “scripts to programs.” He is a member of the ECMA TC39 working group responsible for standardizing JavaScript, where he co-designed the module system for ES2015, the next version of JavaScript.

    • Racket

    Joe Nash

    Developer Advocate at Braintree

    Joe is a Developer Advocate at Braintree Payments, a PayPal Company. Having learnt the dark arts of FP at the University of Nottingham, Joe is fanatical about the benefits of functional techniques and type theory, and applying them to software development. He believes in the educational benefits of hackathons and hack culture, and supports student hackathons as part of the European team at Major League Hacking.

    • JavaScript
    • Clojure
    • Haskell

    Anna Pawlicka

    Software Developer

    Anna Pawlicka codes mostly in Clojure and ClojureScript. She's been a developer on a variety of projects ranging from banking to robotics and big data. When she's not programming, she's organising ClojureBridge London, hiking or hacking on Lego EV3. She likes beer, films on a big screen and live music (of all sorts, with significant pull towards rock).

    • JavaScript
    • Clojure
    • ClojureScript


PolyConf will happen at The Faculty of Law and Administration
of Adam Mickiewicz University in the heart of the city of POZnan, Poland.
The center has an auditiorium that can host 400 and additional workshop rooms.

Young people

We believe that all kids should have the opportunity to create something incredible,
to one day become the future of tech. And it all starts with having their own computer.

CodeStarter Campaign

« If a kid is going to learn to code, they need a computer. »

% of each ticket will be donated to CodeStarter - they will ship a new laptop to a child waiting to enroll in a programming class.

Workshops for youngsters


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What people say about last edition of Poly Conf.

  • Polyconf was the best conference I have ever been to.


  • Back home from PolyConf, with mind expanded in several dimensions and a long list of things to look at more deeply. Great experience!


  • PolyConf was awesome! I'm leaving Poznań greatly inspired. Big thanks to organizers, speakers and attendees for this great event.


  • Back home from PolyConf - it was a really great event, I enjoyed it a lot. Also, Poznan is a beautiful city. See y'all next year!


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